Beyond The Box

we do creative, dynamic, energetic and highly experiential.  We also give practical 'how to's' you can implement immediately.

Sensible Solutions

that challenge perceptions, asks the tough questions and helps leaders and teams look through a different lens.

Our Aims

we help our clients communicate with integrity, develop new leadership models and work together as highly effective teams.

Michelle Bailly

Why Us?  Because Communication is the Heart of Things

Forward Thinking

that delivers breakthrough results in Leadership and Coaching for clients including Guinness, Bombardier Aeorspace and Coca Cola Global.

Michelle Bailly

Communication Training 

Speaker, Coach, Vocalist, Trainer

Backed by years of proven research and solid business experience, Michelle utilises the most effective tools for developing people today – Creative Solution Finding, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Accelerated Learning, Individual Coaching, Emotional and Social Intelligence. 

She also brings fresh insights from the Creative Arts – particularly voice and music.   Michelle is passionate about sharing her strategies and proven methods that show you how to develop organisations and foster teams that are healthy, happy and productive.